Leadership Coaching

Great leaders build winning teams and grow strong organizations. While no person is an island, there is an adage that “it’s lonely at the top.” In today’s fast-paced world with constant change and stresses on the leaders and their workforces, it’s sometimes hard to be an inspiring leader. Through Leadership Coaching, leaders work one-on-one with a partner to develop and hone the leadership skills that help navigate the changing business environment they are confronting daily, continue to develop innovative and personalized solutions, maintain resilience, and tap into the powerful learning opportunities that come with the tests of leadership. According to journals and magazines, through coaching, leaders can discover their leadership style and whether it’s helping or hindering their teams, improve social skills and communication, acquire new strategies for optimal productivity, and leverage their strengths for enhanced performance.


Coaching is a relationship between the Coach and Client that exists in order to cultivate the Client’s personal, professional and/or business goals and to help create a plan to carry out those goals through stimulating and creative interactions with the intent of maximizing the Client’s personal and/or professional potential.


Bonnie is available for corporate or individual contracting for Executive and Leadership Coaching services. She has been coaching leaders in the public and private sector for over 8 years, having begun her leadership coaching while still in government service.


Typical coaching arrangements begin with an 8-hour commitment, with coaching taking place every two-to-three weeks. Contact Bonnie for more information about how you can begin working with her to take your leadership from good to great!


Bonnie is also a Certified Mentor Coach who does both individual and group mentor coaching. Per the ICF guidelines, all coaches pursuing their ICF ACC or renewing their ACC must attend 10 mentor coaching sessions. Seven of these hours can be in as part of a group being mentor coached; three of the hours must be one-on-one with a mentor coach. Contact Bonnie to find out about both individual and group rates!