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Leadership Coaching

Leaders often focus on operations as a way to improve productivity and output. Their emphasis on “what” they need to accomplish leads them to forget how they need to lead the “how” they will accomplish their goals—the people that work for them. I believe that people deserve good leaders, and that leadership is a skill that can be developed and honed. Ask Bonnie Stith about how you can become the leader you would want to follow and take your leadership from good to great!


The landscape for businesses continues to shift and the future is full of competition that will challenge those that are not planning on how they will not only survive but thrive as they move toward the future. Workforces look to see alignment between their organization’s mission, vision and values, and their strategy for the future. Talk to Bonnie Stith about how you can build a strategy for success!

Cyber Security

Having served in the Central Intelligence Agency for over 30 years, including as Director of the Center for Cyber Intelligence, Bonnie Stith is experienced at building and leading diverse, high performing teams to that successfully accomplish the hardest challenges. She continues to serve on boards and speak nationally about cyber challenges. Ask Bonnie Stith about how she can help you address your cyber issues!

Bonnie Stith


Bonnie Stith is an ICF Professionally Certified Coach and is available to work one-on-one with leaders or with leadership teams to plan and implement strategies for success. As an Executive and Leadership Coach, she believes that all employees deserve outstanding and engaged leaders and believes that all leaders and emerging leaders can be coached from “good to great.”


Bonnie speaks nationally on issues involving cyber threat and promoting workforce diversity in cybersecurity as well as other areas. She serves on several boards, including non profit, and also advises start-up companies in the cyber industry.

Let us work with you to create the lasting results you need to take your organization into the future.

…..through our work together, I gained new insights and have moved my business to new success. With her substantial leadership background, Bonnie is able to help me find new insights and strengths as I build my own authentic leadership abilities and style.